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Membership Term and Payment

So, how do I get in on all this fun?

Our annual membership term runs from May 1st to April 30th of the following year. The annual membership rate is $35. All membership applications must be signed* and are considered valid when the confirmation email is received (or when the paper form is received by the Membership Director). A separate check must be submitted to the treasurer and should not be combined with a payment for another trip or event. Checks submitted without a corresponding signed* application form cannot be processed.

Join online now by clicking here. If you want to renew your membership, you need to log in and click the red "renew" icon next to your name. See FAQs about renewals!)


You must be a Member to attend an overnight Event (trip). Our one-day events and day trips have a non-member option. Members must be 21 or older in age.







Please note that unfortunately you will not be able to signup for events on the website for a short period after joining/renewing (until your membership payment is processed).  In this case, you can still signup for our great events the old-fashioned way - please see the FAQ about Trip/Event Sign-Up.

* "Signed" includes electronic signatures, in this case clicking "I agree" on the joining agreement (read it now on the Membership Sign-Up Form